***Mental Photography gives clear recall to events

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Mental Photography gives clear recall to events:
What you may notice something of extreme importance for your requirements and everyone else. You saw it about the TV. You also know a number of other people saw exactly the same thing. The truth revealed is 'too good to get true'. But it really is true. So, you tell others.
Then you try to the Internet. You Google keywords that will obtain the story. And everything you find is really a HOLE. Yes, you see nothing! youtube broadcast yourself video youtube music videos You even try other engines like google. Still nothing. Shockingly incredible? Absolutely!
Even in Today's world while using abominations which are allowed to exist about the Internet, you wouldn't think that really great news, that will affect millions of lives, could be expunged in the Internet. It is embarrassing having to explain yourself to those you might have told the fantastic news to since the evidence has disappeared. That is what happened if you ask me.
Scenario: Catching a data based show on TV is definitely an occasional event. One evening I caught a glimpse of an appealing topic. A CSIRO official overseeing a team of professional researchers, announces locating a potential miracle cancer treatment drug made out of a certain Australian native plant liquid. (CSIRO can be a reputable government sponsored research facility here in Australia.) In animal testing, the juice extract injected straight into cancerous, non-operable tumors in animals, shows 100% eradication from the tumor within 5 days. WOW! That report was given in December 2009. I first viewed it. I thought it was amazing!
Just think just what the pharmaceutical companies thought whenever they heard this. They must have gone BALLISTIC! A tiny company in Australia arises with verifiable proof that they will have the most revolutionary cancer treatment that you can buy. And it is cheap! The executives and attorneys must have gone into overdrive with damage control. The ramifications of these a drug are very manacling for the people organizations.
Strategy: For a tiny drug company to get any chance of checking out the same hurtles because big drug firms that control the market industry, a drug like that will never understand the light of day. The big drug companies will make sure they buried them. This drug may turn out to be one of the few “Holy Grails” for cancer patients.
By going public, before these big companies could squash living out of them, was obviously a stroke of PURE GENIUS! (It does poor quality to shut the gate, once the bull has escaped.) This information was obviously so volatile, it will need to have been cleansed in the Internet so people, much like me, couldn't survive capable of jump on, and pass it along. Dangerous information.
Vindication: Finally over 6 months later, they are now reporting onto it again. Now they are discussing upcoming human testing, along with the same 100% eradication in 5 days with animals such as dogs, cats, horses, and sheep. They will be overwhelmed function as the variety of volunteers for human testing.
So now, again, I am telling people over it. Here are the important points:
It aired on A Current Affair – Australia on 11June2010.
The Cancer drug is termed EBC 46
The source is the fruit of an Native Australian rain-forest tree situated in Queensland, Australia.
Mental Photography has given me is an indullable memory. I can still remember great detail from your original broadcast enjoy it was yesterday. I find it rather distressing that somebody on the market was doing their best to look at that memory away from me, by limiting my entry to the facts.
This is the place the marketing saying comes from: “If you tell a lie of sufficient length to enough people, the lie becomes the new truth.” Adolf Hitler used using this method.
Keep Vigilant! With the complexities you deal with every day, it is crucial so that you can know exactly what the real simple truth is. Your decisions derive from your skill to begin to see the truth. Otherwise your decision making process is faulty.
Never stop looking for the reality!
Great Things Happen Here!

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